Chesterfield Man Arrested For Breaking Into Vehicles

Chesterfield Man Arrested For Breaking Into Vehicles



On Monday morning (11-9-15), at approximately 4:45 AM, a 44 year old Chesterfield man exited his residence in the 29900 block of Emily Lane with the intension of getting into his vehicle and going to a local gym. As he approached his vehicle, he observed (2) unknown black males inside of his daughters 2014 Jeep, which was parked next to his vehicle. The suspects observed the man approaching and fled on foot towards the “Aspen Creek” apartment complex. The man gave chase but lost the (2) suspects as they cut in between buildings within the apartment complex. The man returned to his home and woke his daughter. They inspected her vehicle and discovered that her camo colored backpack was missing. The backpack contained a Macbook Pro laptop and (4) textbooks. The man and his daughter activated the “Find my I-Phone” app and discovered the laptop was stationary at building #22 in the “Aspen Creek” apartment complex. Chesterfield Township Officers met the man at this location and began talking to residents inside the apartment complex. During the Officer’s investigation, one of the apartment doors was answered by a 44 year old female resident. Also standing inside the apartment was Mr. Martel Lothery and the man that had chased him immediately identified him as one of the suspects that had been in his daughter’s vehicle. The woman that had answered the apartment door was identified as Martel Lothery’s mother, and after Officers explained to her what had transpired, she gave them consent to search her apartment. Under Martel Lothery’s bed, Officers located the (4) stolen textbooks and Martel Lothery was placed under arrest. Officers were unable to locate the stolen laptop at this time.

Martel Lothery was questioned by Detectives and at this time the investigation is ongoing as they attempt to determine the identity of the 2nd suspect, the location of the stolen laptop, and whether or not these men may be responsible for several other vehicle break-ins recently in the area.

After review by the Macomb County Prosecutors Office, Mr. Lothery was charged with “Breaking and Entering a Vehicle to Steal Property > $1,000.00” (5 Year Felony). He was arraigned this morning at the 42-2 District Court in New Baltimore via video from the Chesterfield Township Police Department. His bond was set at $15,000.00 / 10% and he is currently lodged at the Macomb County Jail.

Anyone with information regarding this incident, or the recent rash of vehicle break-ins, is urged to call the Chesterfield Police Department at 586-949-2322. The Chesterfield Police Department reminds you to remove your valuables from your vehicle and assure your vehicle is locked to greatly reduce the chances of becoming the victim of such an unfortunately common crime throughout the county.