Chesterfield Police Honor Guard

The Chesterfield Township Police Honor Guard formed in June of 2015 since the inception to now it has evolved from idea to fully functional unit.

The POLC and the Jessica Nagle-Wilson Foundation gave the Honor Guard 2 very large donations and also raised a large amount of money with our Spaghetti Dinner, which was an enormous success. We also received numerous donations from private citizens within the community.

Currently the Honor Guard funds have been allocated to purchasing 5 more uniforms, ceremonial equipment, and other items that are needed to help the unit perform various functions throughout the community. These uniforms and equipment will completely outfit the number of members that we have at this time.

We have performed quite a few different functions in our 1st year. We have done the color guard at the Township board meeting, participated in the 9/11 service at the Macomb County Fallen Heroes Memorial, color guard at the K9 fundraiser, as well as two officer funerals for surrounding communities. The unit has a preliminary rough draft of its bylaws, which will be scrutinized by an attorneys’ office who have agreed to do so pro-bono, and is currently working to write departmental policies and procedures to assist the unit in its mission.

In 2017, the Honor Guard will look to add more members to the unit with the Chief’s approval. We will be hosting another spaghetti dinner as well as other fundraisers which are yet to be determined. We are planning on continuing our mission to improve the department’s relationship with the community by participating in more color guards, miscellaneous ceremonial functions, and also by training with other area honor guards. We will continue to raise money to not only fund our needs but also possibly offer a scholarship for a qualified law enforcement candidate (to be determined). We would like to raise enough funds to participate in National Law Enforcement Week in Washington D.C. where we would stand guard at the National Law Enforcement Memorial.