Traffic Unit


Two traffic units provide for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic within the Township. Traffic units investigate accidents and identify accident causing violations; they provide speed enforcement on Township streets including residential neighborhoods, enforce motor carrier regulations and reconstruct serious injury or fatal accidents. The unit also focuses on seatbelt violations and concentrates their efforts in the fight against drunk drivers. In addition, regular patrol units also provide traffic enforcement. The unit also resolves neighborhood traffic complaints and problems as well as community education programs. They are also responsible with deploying the departments speed enforcement trailer to problem areas in the Township.

The Traffic Bureau is still very busy today. It is organized the same way it was in 1999. The Traffic Bureau investigates traffic crashes, provides speed enforcement in residential neighborhoods, identify crash causing violations and target them for enforcement, and supervise school crossing guards. The officers use semi-marked police cars equipped with laptop computers, front/rear facing radar units, hand held laser units, and video camera systems. The Traffic Bureau has been using a mobile radar based speed measuring trailer since 2007. The trailer is an excellent tool for slowing down and studying traffic primarily in our neighborhoods. A schedule for the placement of the trailer is developed through known problem areas and resident’s complaints. The Traffic Bureau is very active throughout the township.

The Traffic Bureau is aggressive in targeting problem areas through out the township. If a resident is suffering with speeding motorists in their neighborhood they can request the radar trailer for their neighborhood by completing the following internet application. Please be as detailed as possible. Providing accurate target location, dates, and times will help with the proper positioning of the trailer. The trailer will be scheduled for the location and a traffic study will be completed. If the radar trailer doesn’t deter the speeding a traffic officer will be directed and violators will be cited.