Man Arrested With A Firearm During Industrial Disturbance

Man Arrested With A Firearm During Industrial Disturbance



SUSPECT: Joshua James-Earl Green, a 23 year old male from Detroit MI.

LOCATION: “MPW Industrial” 50321 E. Russell Schmidt, Chesterfield MI. 48051

On Friday morning (11-20-15) at approximately 7:40 a.m. an employee of “MPW Industrial” called 911 stating that employees inside the shop were involved in a physical altercation and that one of the males involved had just run out of the building stating that he was going to get a gun. A Chesterfield Township Officer on patrol was in the immediate area as dispatchers were broadcasting the altercation and the Officer immediately observed a black male, with no shirt on, running through the parking lot of “MPW Industrial”. The Officer drove in the man’s direction and began shouting verbal commands for him to stop. The male refused to stop and the Officer exited his patrol car and gave chase on foot as the male fled across E. Russell Schmidt. Once on the other side of E. Russell Schmidt, the male suspect fled into an open door at “Sur-Foam Industries” and slammed the door shut on the pursuing Officer. The Officer managed to get the door back open and observed the male suspect now just standing inside of the business (next to a garbage can) facing the doorway. The Officer secured and detained the male suspect, finding no weapons on him, and identified him as Joshua Green. Mr. Green could not explain why he had been running from the Officer. After several Chesterfield “back-up” patrol units arrived, Mr. Green was escorted from “Sur-Foam Industries”. The original pursuing Officer then located a Beretta .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun in the garbage can that Mr. Green was standing next to inside of “Sur-Foam Industries”. Mr. Green was placed under arrest without further incident.

Witnesses then described the original altercation to Officers stating that as it got out of hand between Mr. Green and (2) other employee’s, Mr. Green yelled that he was going to get a gun, and ran out to his vehicle in the parking lot, shirtless. Witnesses stated they then observed Mr. Green grab an unknown object from under the driver’s seat of his vehicle and conceal it in his front right pants pocket. It was at this moment that the Chesterfield Patrol Unit appeared and Mr. Green began fleeing across E. Russell Schmidt (with the Officer giving chase).

During a subsequent interview with investigators at the Chesterfield Police Department, Mr. Green ultimately admitted that he had indeed placed the handgun in the garbage can while fleeing from the Officer. Mr. Green stated that he had just found the gun on the street a couple days prior and placed it in his vehicle.

After review by the Macomb County Prosecutors Office, Mr. Green was charged with: “Carry Concealed Weapon” (5 Year Felony). Mr. Green was arraigned this afternoon at the 42-2 District Court in New Baltimore. He is currently being held at the Macomb County Jail on a $4,000.00 10% bond.