Wednesday 17 July 2024
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Traffic Unit

The traffic unit provides for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic within the township. The implemented patrol cars are semi-marked and equipped with a laptop computer, front and rear facing radar units and a hand held laser unit. With these tools we are able to enforce speed, seatbelt and commercial vehicle violations on all public roads including residential neighborhoods. We investigate traffic crashes and will assist the accident investigation team when reconstructing serious injury or fatal accidents. We concentrate our efforts in the fight against drunk, distracted and drugged driving. The traffic unit works to resolve neighborhood traffic complaints which sometimes involves deploying our speed enforcement radar trailer.

The traffic unit provides community education programs and is very active throughout the township. If a resident has a speeding complaint within their neighborhood, they may contact the police department for extra traffic patrols. Please be as detailed as possible when requesting additional traffic patrols and include street/location, day of the week, and the time of the day.