Brothers Arrested for 7/11 Robbery Attempt

Brothers Arrested for 7/11 Robbery Attempt

On Wednesday (05/02/2018), just after midnight, a Chesterfield Township Officer on patrol observed Jake Smith back his 2008 Ford Explorer into the parking lot of the closed “Leslie Tire” business, located at 24 Mile and Gratiot. The Officer surveyed the suspicious vehicle and observed the driver (Jake Smith) turn off the vehicle lights and exit the vehicle. The driver then pulled his hood over his head and face and walked south bound across Gratiot and into the front door of the 7/11 convenience store. The Officer radioed for back-up Officers and approached the 2008 Explorer. Seated in the front passenger seat the Officer located and identified Nicholas Smith, the brother to Jake, who could not give the Officer a logical explanation as to why they had parked in the closed “Leslie Tire” lot.

As the Officers were investigating Nicholas Smith, Jake Smith returned to the lot on foot and attempted to re-enter the driver’s door of his vehicle as if nothing out of the ordinary had transpired. At this same time Chesterfield Township 911 Dispatchers advised the Officers at the scene that they were on a 911 line with the 7/11 clerk, and that the clerk was advising that a male (matching the description of Jake Smith) has just attempted to rob her. She added that the suspect held his hand in his pocket, implying he was armed, and demanded she “empty the register”. The clerk added that she confused the suspect by telling him he needed to scan items for purchase before the register would open and that the suspect then possibly became concerned with another customer that was in the back of the store preparing a coffee, causing him to flee on foot before obtaining any money.

Officers detained both brothers and a search of Jake Smith disclosed that he had a knife in his jacket pocket. Both suspects were placed under arrest and during a search of the vehicle Officers located a baggie of suspected marijuana in the vehicles ash tray. After review today by the Macomb County Prosecutors Office, Jake Smith was charged with: “Assault With Intent To Rob While Armed” (a 15 year felony), and “Possession Of Marihuana” (a 1 year misdemeanor). Nicholas Smith was charged with: “Assault With Intent To Rob While Armed” (a 15 year felony). The brothers were both arraigned this afternoon via video at the 42-2 District Court in New Baltimore. They were both assessed $25,000.00 cash bonds and are currently being held in the Macomb County Jail.


  • Jake Andrew Smith, a 19 year old resident of Macomb Township MI
  • Nicholas Ryan Smith, a 21 year old resident of Macomb Township MI


  • 2008 Ford Expedition, silver in color.