Suspects Arrested Breaking Into Vehicles

Suspects Arrested Breaking Into Vehicles

Demarko Woods, 18 years old and from Port Huron MI.
Nevin Supal, 19 years old and from Clay Township MI
Latrel Gamez, 18 years old and from Clinton Township MI

On Tuesday morning (1-19-16) at approximately 3:00 a.m. Chesterfield Township Officers responded to the 47400 block of Gallus where a resident had called 911 to report suspicious persons walking in the area. Officers located the suspects (Woods, Supal, and Gamez) a short distance away, walking down Mercury Lane. When Officers confronted the men they could not explain what they were doing outside on foot in the frigid weather and could not explain where they were. One of the men told the Officers that the trio was “Coming from a party” and pointed “over there”, but could not give a street or a homeowners name. Officers observed suspect Supal to be carrying a green NEVIN SUPALcanvass bag and upon further inspection observed the bag to contain several rounds of live 12 Ga. Shotgun ammunition. Supal had no logical explanation as to why he was carrying shot gun shells or where they came from. The men were separated and detained and ultimately took responsibility for breaking into several parked vehicles in the area, along with vehicles that were parked in the 23 Mile and D.W. Seaton area and the 24 Mile and Sass area. They were placed under arrest and Officers recovered several stolen items the suspects had stashed in their jackets, including a Garmin GPS, medications, cash and coins, and headphones. During interviews at the station, Investigators learned that the men were all acquainted from the past and that on this night they had decided to pick random neighborhoods and check for unlocked cars that contained valuables.

After review by the Macomb County Prosecutors the men were charged as follows:LATREL GAMEZ

Demarko Woods: B&E vehicle-property less than $200.00 (93 day misdemeanor), and Conspiracy To B&E a Vehicle (1 year misdemeanor)

Nevan Supal: Larceny From a Motor Vehicle (5 year felony), and Conspiracy to Commit Larceny From a Vehicle (5 year felony)

Latrel Gamez: B&E vehicle-property less than $200.00 (93 day misdemeanor), and Conspiracy To B&E a Vehicle (1 year misdemeanor)

They were arraigned Tuesday afternoon at the 42-2 District Court in New Baltimore via video from the Chesterfield Township Police Department. They were then lodged at the Macomb County Jail with cash bonds (Woods: $4,000.00 10%, Supal: $7,000.00 10%, and Gamez: $4,000.00 10%). The investigation is ongoing as investigators believe that additional suspects were involved as “get-away drivers” and possibly fled the area in a white Dodge Intrepid while Officers were occupied making the arrests. The majority of the property seized during the arrest has been tracked back to the rightful owners/victims.