“PLEASE STOP ME” – SAT. 04/13/24 at 10:00AM

“PLEASE STOP ME” – SAT. 04/13/24 at 10:00AM

The “Please Stop Me” program allows for new/teen drivers to get pulled over in a safe and controlled environment to experience how to handle being pulled over by a police officer. The new/teen drivers are with a parent and in their own vehicle for this mock traffic stop, and are instructed as to what documents the officer needs to see, how to respond, etc.

This program is available to high school students with a valid driver’s license or driving permit who live in the Chesterfield Township area. Participants in the program must bring their license or permit, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and a parent or legal guardian with identification.

Please call 586-949-3878 or email tjacobs@chesterfieldpolice.org to register for this event.