Home Invasion Suspect

Home Invasion Suspect

On 04/14/2019 at approximately 1:45am, an unknown individual entered a residence on Baker Rd. near 23 Mile Rd. The subject is observed on surveillance video, and was described as a white male with long hair in a pony tail down to his mid back. While inside the residence the subject stole multiple items.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Detective Craig Suppon of the Chesterfield Township Police Department by phone at 586-949-2925 or via email at csuppon@chesterfieldpolice.org

As a community, let’s rally together to identify and catch this criminal before it becomes a more widespread issue!  Please share this post to your social media pages, in hopes that someone is familiar with this individual.  Also, if you’ve got a home security system and live in the nearby area – check your footage!  There’s a chance that you may have this suspect on your outdoor cameras.  We encourage you to register your system in our C.O.P. Program. In doing so, we may contact you in the future if there is a potential that you may have a suspect on your footage.  Even after registration, your participation upon request is completely voluntary.