Chesterfield Public Safety Deploys LPR Camera System

Chesterfield Public Safety Deploys LPR Camera System

You may have seen some new cameras along main thoroughfares in Chesterfield Township recently.  The Chesterfield Public Safety Department is testing a new system from Flock Safety that employs License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras to identify vehicles that have been stolen or involved in a crime.

If a vehicle is identified as being connected to a theft, bank robbery, or other crime within the township, the Flock Safety LPR system will help law enforcement more effectively pinpoint the direction of travel and/or general vicinity of the vehicle.  Likewise, if a stolen vehicle is driven into the township – we will be able to better locate that vehicle as well.

Seven out of every 10 crimes are committed with a vehicle

License plate numbers give law enforcement the objective, actionable leads needed to solve an investigation. Using LPR cameras, detectives can pinpoint the suspect’s last known location which narrows down the search radius.

Flock Safety is able to capture vehicles traveling up to 100 MPH and up to 75 ft away—day and night.  It’s public information on a public road, and it gives your local police the first investigative lead they need to solve crime.

Flock Safety LPR cameras focus solely on objective, unbiased evidence — the investigative leads your agency needs to accurately and efficiently solve crime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are these facial recognition cameras?  NO, THESE CAMERAS DO NOT CAPTURE FACES
  • Are these radars to track speeding?  NO
  • Are these intersection cameras used to enforced traffic violations?  NO
  • Are these being used to issue a ticket for speeding or running a red light?  NO
  • Are these “gun tracers” that detect gun shot sounds?  NO


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