Wednesday 26 April 2017
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Salvage Inspection


Michigan law provides that all rebuilt salvage vehicles that have been issued a Salvage Title must have a salvage recertification inspection performed by a licensed salvage inspector.

The Chesterfield Township Police Department provides this service to all Chesterfield Township residents and business owners only. See the following procedures to assist you with the application process.

  • When your salvage vehicle is completed or repaired, obtain a Michigan Department of State Application for Salvage Vehicle Inspection, form TR-13A, from the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office. This form can also be obtained at the Chesterfield Township Police Department by contacting the Salvage Inspector at 586-949-2322.
  • Complete the form TR-13A and compile all appropriate paperwork documenting the parts trail for all major component parts used to rebuild the vehicle; this includes the salvage title to the vehicle.
  • Make copies of all paperwork to be submitted to the Salvage Inspector and retain originals for your records.
  • Contact the Salvage Inspector at the Chesterfield Township Police Department and provide your contact information as well as the vehicle information to the vehicle to be inspected.
  • An appointment will be scheduled so you can provide your paperwork to the Salvage Inspector as well as a check/money order in the amount of $100.00, made payable to the Charter Township of Chesterfield Police Department. This fee is mandated by the State of Michigan and NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • The Salvage Inspector will perform a parts trail search and verify the source of the parts with the seller. If everything is in order, you will be contacted and an appointment will be scheduled for the physical inspection of your vehicle.
  • If for purposes of the physical inspection a mechanical hoist is necessary, you will be responsible for any fees charged by the mechanical facility for the use of their hoist. The Salvage Inspector will locate a local facility that will provide a mechanical hoist. Otherwise, the physical inspection can be performed at your residence or The Chesterfield Township Police Department.
  • During the physical inspection of your vehicle, the Salvage Inspector will verify all required identification numbers and equipment required for the safe and lawful operation of your vehicle.
  • If your vehicle passes the physical inspection, you will be provided, by the Salvage Inspector, a completed Michigan Department of State Salvage Recertification Form, TR-13B.
  • The Michigan Department of State Salvage Recertification Form, TR-13B, your original Salvage Title, and proof that you hold valid Michigan insurance for the salvage vehicle, along with all corresponding paperwork will be submitted by you to any Michigan Secretary of State office for proper registration of the vehicle.