Tuesday 18 February 2020
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Job Posting: Police Officer

Job Posting: Police Officer

The Chesterfield Township Police Department is currently initiating a hiring process for entry-level Police Officer position(s). The selection process consists of several steps that must be completed in their entirety prior to the hiring of an applicant.

Police Officer Candidate Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimum Age of 21 years old
  • U.S. Citizen
  • Possess a valid Michigan Driver License
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Minimum of an Associate’s Degree or 60 Credit Hours or 2 Years Police Experience
  • Applicant must be either a Certified Michigan Police Officer, or graduated from/currently enrolled in an MCOLES Accredited Police Academy
  • Must demonstrate the desire and ability to work with the public
  • Must demonstrate the ability to follow instructions
  • Must possess the ability to communicate; both written and orally
  • Must be able to pass an extensive background investigation
  • Must be able to pass an extensive psychological examination
  • Must be able to pass an extensive physical examination including drug testing
  • Must have good moral character and no record of criminal convictions including expungements

No person shall be considered for employment by the Police Department if their driving record contains any of the following situations within the last five years:

  1. There is a conviction of alcohol or narcotic related offenses.
  2. A license suspension for failure to appear in court or failure to comply with a judgment.
  3. More than two “at-fault” accidents.
  4. More than three hazardous moving violations.
  5. Negligent homicide, manslaughter, or assaults involving the operation of a vehicle.

The Police Department reserves the right to disqualify applicants who do not meet these specific thresholds or have driving records that reflect a lack of responsibility, driving judgment, and/or respect for authority while operating a motor vehicle.

Applications may be downloaded and printed via the link below:


All applications and resumes must be submitted via email (preferred) or mail, to Megan Burke using the information below.  This position will remain open until November 15, 2019 at 3:00pm:

Attn:  Megan Burke, Human Resources Manager
47275 Sugarbush Road
Chesterfield, MI 48047

Once the deadline to submit applications has been met, and all of the documents have been reviewed, you will be contacted by a representative of our department who will advise you of the next step in the process.